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Pickle Patch You have a choice being Gypsy, but I was born a Gypsy. - Papa Jack

"In 1932, in a small town in Eastern Tennessee named Maryville, the GYPSY MOTORCYCLE CLUB was born. At this time several adventurous souls were beginning to venture out on the public roads on their two-wheeled machines. One of these brave souls was a young man named Lee Simerly "Happy Jack", Papa Jack's father. Happy Jack would get several of his friends and acquaintances together and do some serious riding through the mountains and towns of Tennessee. As this group of daring young men grew they took on the name of the "Gypsies" and formed a club with Happy Jack being its first President Thus, the GYPSY MOTORCYCLE CLUB was born."

What Time Is It?

We're proud to hold regular meetings each month that are open to the public. You're more than welcome to join us!

47th Massacre

The 2024 Massacre is on Feb 9-11 2024!!

Our St. Valentine's Day Massacre rally is a 3-day event that we hold every February to help raise money for the charities we support.

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